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Day 5: Lunch with the Cardinal (Wednesday the 19th of August)

September 16th, 2009

On Wednesday we got up bright and early and got to the Louvre right when it opened.  Being the ever-prepared tourist that we were, we had bought tickets the day before, allowing us to skip the lengthy line forming at the pymidal entrance.  Once in, we made good use of our head start by racing to the museum’s most famous tenant, Mona Lisa.  We got our view of Leonardo’s lady and avoided the Italian wing for the rest of the day.

Overall we really enjoyed the museum, seeing gall sorts of interesting paintings.  We even spotted some good food related ones.  Although I don’t really understand what type of hunt results in rabbit, fowl, and a cooked lobster.Nice Hunt

We had lunch at the museum restaurant the Richelieu Cafe.  Richelieu was a cardinal of France who gained some fame in Dumas’ The Three Musketeers.  The food here was good, but nothing particularly special.  Pretty much what you’d expect for museum cafe.  The best part was definitely the court yard from the terrace and the fact that it was a palace.  This was the first meal I ever ate in an actual palace, but it is not the last for this trip.  As for food, we went the traditional route with The Girl getting quiche Lorraine and a croque-monsieur for me and a piece of cheesecake to split for desert. 

A croque-monsieur is a popular sandwich in France.  It is a ham sandwich with béchamel sauce.  Gruyere cheese is then sprinkled on top before being put in the broiler.  The name literally translates to “”Mister Undertaker".  Several versions exist, including the croque-madame which is topped with a fried egg.  Evidently the egg looks like a lady’s hat. 

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