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Happy Cooking

November 8th, 2009

Friday was a great day.  I got to meet one of my heroes, Jacques Pepin.  He was doing a demonstration/book signing at Stew Leonard’s in Connecticut.  As luck would have it, my work has an office there, so I was able to work from Norwalk for the day and get to the event with no problem. 

Once there I dutifully bought a copy of More Fast Food My WayThe were also selling The Apprentice:  My Life in the Kitchen, but I already had a copy.  During the event he prepared some of the “Minute Recipes” from the book:  Cheese Balls with Pignoli Nuts, Radish Toasts, Cured Salmon Morsels, and Butter Bean Canapes (which I got to try).  Pepin would make the base of each appetizer and plate one or two talking about variations that could be made.  When he moved on the next dish his assistant (Chef George) would plate the rest which would then be handed out to crowd. 

One thing that I noticed during the event was that he never stopped eating.  He’d taste a little of this, a little of that.  The man really enjoyed his food.  While making the radish toasts he sampled some of the butter and had to remark that it was very good butter.  He was so taken by it that he asked his assistant if they still had the wrapper for it so he’d know what it was.  George chuckled when he handed Pepin the box of Land o’ Lakes. 

At the end there was a question and answer period where a 13 year old asked him how to toss the contents of a skillet properly.  After a bit of an explanation Pepin summarized it by stating that you really just have to have “the courage of your convictions and just go for it.” 

At the end I got my books signed and got to have my picture taken with the man.


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  1. Danielle
    November 9th, 2009 at 10:12 | #1

    That’s GREAT. Glad you made it down there. :)

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