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Where did Paris go?

September 15th, 2009

First off, I know that I promised a daily post until the Paris story arch was over, but well, things happened.  I got distracted.  I’ll delve into some of the reasons in future posts.  The plan is to simul-cast my vacation stories with what’s happening in my kitchen right now.  Specifically the fact that it is entirely empty.  Devoid of even the proverbial (and in this case literal) kitchen sink.  Actually, at this very moment there are some things in there.  A pile of two-by-fours and three Polish men talking about the two-by-fours quite animatedly.  I assume they are talking about other things as well, but that’s the only word I can make out. 

I’ll post pictures and tell an interesting anecdote in the near future.  But now I’m going to type up my next post about Paris.  As long as my wife stops sending me youTube links.

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Crab Cake Update

May 27th, 2009

Recently I had some difficulty making crab cakes. I decided to use the long weekend (Memorial Day) to try again. We didn’t have any other plans, so this would be a good no pressure time.

The main trouble I had last time was the fact that I just couldn’t get the crab out of the shell. I was able to get around that this time by using Bumble Bee brand canned crab meat. This one change took cooking time from 4 hours to about forty-five minutes. The only problem with this is that the crab cakes didn’t really taste like crabs. They tasted good, but more like fish than crab. I didn’t look at the cans too closely, but there is a chance that I got imitation crab meat. If you wanted to be really fancy with your crab cakes, then I would recommend using real crabs but the imitation crab meat is a good substitute.

Instead of the crusty French baguette I used to make bread crumbs last time, I used two slices of white bread. They were much easier on the food processor, and when (again) I wound up without enough, I was able to toss another slice in and get more bread crumbs in seconds. The moisture in the bread also added a nice touch to the texture of the cakes. They were definitely better than the store bought dry bread crumbs.  I also used a single egg to keep the mixture together.

The last major change was instead of using white wine while frying up my carrots (which I diced very small this time) and onions, I used vermouth. I was surprised at how spicy it was and how it negatively affected the flavor. Mentioning this to my father-in-law he pointed out that I was using sweet vermouth instead of dry. Now I have a bottle of sweet vermouth to find a use for. Suggestions?

The cakes were served with some tartar sauce. A table spoon each of relish and mayo with salt, pepper, celery salt, and Chipotle Tobacco to taste.

What did the wife have to say this time? She thought they were they were much better than the previous batch and that I should make them again. I should add that her cake disappeared from her plate in a matter of seconds. Second chance: success!

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