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May 13th, 2009

It’s been a while (eight or so months actually) since I got married. You would think I wouldn’t be getting any more packages from Macy’s. You would be mistaken my friend! The two most recent weren’t wedding presents per se, rather wedding fallout. When we registered with Macy’s we signed up for their credit card which had some serious rewards attached to it.

Long story short, The Girl and I wind up with a gift card to Macy’s a few months after the wedding. At this time we have no need for any sort of home good, that and we are pretty damn tired from all of the marital bliss we were having. The card spent some time in a drawer. At one point we tried using it on clothes and a new jacket for us. We went to Macy’s looking to burn through this funny money. No luck. I wound up with a shirt (singular) and The Girl got a cute skirt. Disappointing.

Fast forward to last week: we look at the card and see that it’s about to expire. Well, at this point I can think of a few things to get. First on my list is a silicone cookie sheet. I just think they are so cool. Speaking of which, with the summer coming up I’ll be needing an ice-cream scoop for all that homemade ice-cream. I had some trouble in recent weeks when I went to make a cheesecake and found out that I didn’t have a spring form pan. Situation resolved.

But the big news is my new cutting board. I had been bitching and moaning about the craptastic Ikea cutting boards that I have. They are just too light and as a result move around a lot. Also, they tend to warp really easy because they are very thin. In their defense, they are good at what they are designed for: small jobs of cutting veggies. Don’t try and really mince herbs or onions, you’ll cut yourself. So, I decided to get the right tool for the job, a big ole piece of wood. It’s 24 inches long, 18 inches wide, and over an inch thick. It barely fits on my counter. It’s beautiful.

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