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Eating Crab

May 26th, 2009

The last time I tried to make crab cakes, I had some difficulty in extracting the meat from the shell. This past weekend, I spent some time practicing and want to share with you my no fail method for getting the meat out of the armor.

The most important step is selecting the crab. As you can see here, I went with the Bumble Bee variety this time.

With the handle of the can opener in your left hand, turn the lever clockwise. In my example, I assume you are right handed. If you are a lefty find a righty to help you with this step.

Once the top is removed, don’t forget to strain out the extra juices.

These crabs have a papery membrane running along their interior shell. This is not edible and should be removed.

Voila! Enjoy your fresh crab!

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